CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: iConsole Derived Searches

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CA (DLP) DataMinder Tuesday Tip published by Andrew Devine 25 September 2012

What is a derived search?
The CA (DLP) DataMinder iConsole allows users to customize an existing published search. For example, you can change the default date range. When you customize a search, it is added only to your searches list, but it is not available to other users.

A derived search is an isimilar to a customized search in that both are variations of an existing search. But unlike normal customized searches, derived searches can be published and made available to users.

It is also possible to edit the XML definition file of a derived search, allowing you to change text labels and default parameter values. In addition, unlike normal customized searches, a derived search can be based on an unpublished existing search. This is useful, for example, if you want users to use a modified version of the default iConsole Standard Search but without the 'real' Standard Search being available to them.

Derive a new search

To derive a new search from an existing search follow the steps below;

1. Go to the Administration tab and click Searches.The Manage Stored Searches screen appears.
2. Click the check box for the search you want to use as the start point.
3. Click Actions, Edit Properties. The Properties dialog appears.
4. Specify the search properties for the new search. For example; choose which columns to show in the results screen. You can also click Customize to hide or unhide available search parameters.
5. Click Save to save the customized search.
6. In the Save Search dialog, enter a name and description for the modified search.
7. Edit the underlying XML search definition.

Note: Not all search modifications can be made directly in the iConsole. If you want to change the text labels for search parameters or amend other parameter attributes, you need to edit the underlying XML in the new definition file.

Edit the XML search definition

To edit the XML search definition follow the steps below;

1. Go to the Administration tab and click Searches. The Manage Stored Searches screen appears.
2. Click the check box for the search you want to export.
3. Click Actions, Export.
4. Use an XML editor to make any required changes.
5. Re-install the modified XML search definition file.
6. Return to the Administration, Manage Stored Searches screen.
7. Click the Actions link at the top left of the screen.
8. In the Install Searches dialog, specify the XML file you modified in step 4. The new derived search, including the latest XML modifications, is added to the Searches folder.
9. Test the new search to confirm that it returns results as expected.
10. Publish the new search.

When you publish a new search, it becomes available to all other iConsole users and is listed in the Review tab.

For More information on Derived Searches and search implementation, refer to the iConsole Search Definition Guide (DLP_iConsole_Search_ENU.pdf) and the iConsole User Guide (DLP_iConsole_ENU.pdf), which are available to download from the CA DLP Documentation Bookshelf here.