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Clarity 13.0 Graph Portlet Width

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Sep 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Dale_Stockman
On Clarity 12, we produced a time based portlet graph of project actual vs. planned costs, for display on the Project Dashboard tab. This graph, fit neatly on one screen, no scrolling left to right.

This same graph, in Clarity 13, is now 3 screens wide, with a horizontal scroll bar added. Not only is the graph wider, but this one portlet causes the portlets above and below it to widen, so that where are data used to be succinctly grouped, we now have a ton of white space.

We have a case open with Clarity Support: 21108272 01 - VIEW DASHBOARD PROBLEM

The current feedback is "working as designed."

Have not read anywhere that the display width of graphical portlets was changing between 12 and 13.

Yes, I did see that there is an 'extra small' option for Base Size - but this only shrinks the portlet vertically - does nothing for the horizontal issue. Have tried switching layouts (e.g. from 3 column to row, etc.) to no effect.

Does anyone else have this issue? Does anyone have a solution? I guess one alternative solution might be to dump the NSQL/Studio based graphical portlet and design our on java/html version.