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NSQL and Object binding...

Question asked by splogad on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by navzjoshi00
Could anyone help me while fixing a NSQL error that I am having?
I created a NSQL query which works fine and it starts with the following syntax:
Indeed, the result is a list of investment. Btw, the "pm" table is a table that comes from
a nested query in pure SQL that points to the inv_investment table, thus it looks corect to me.

After I create a grid portlet related to this query I see the list correctly but I am not able to add
a link to the name or the id field. It seems that the link properties in the filed of the portlet disapeared.

Is there a way to bind a given field (let say pm.NAME) pointing to the investment (given by the inv.ID) page ??

thanks a lot