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Introscope 9.1 load balancing questions

Question asked by WarrenPage on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2012 by davevdm
I think I know the answers to these - but hoping I am wrong..

1. Is it possible to setup so that agent connects to a single collector and only 1 collector (i.e. wont fail over to a different collector)??

2. Is there a setting to force a collector to fail back to original collector once it is available again (without restarting the agent) ???

3. Is there a way for MOM to see metrics for agents across multiple collectors. (i.e. Do i have to lose ALL my historical metrics when an agent failes over to a new collector).

Historical metrics are more important to us than alerting during short collector outages. Looking for a way to ensure collector continuity so that bouncing a collector does send my agents scrambling or a way to see full metric history.