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Custom Intrumentation Examples

Question asked by sean.alderson-claeys on Oct 4, 2012
Latest reply on May 24, 2013 by Florian_Cheval
I have a production issue where a standalone Java process is disappearing into a black hole and it appears that without some custom instrumentation Wily is not able to help. This is a problem that I have been unable to recreate in a development and test environment despite numerous efforts, the only place where this problem manifests is in production (unfortunately). The process that disappears into a black hole is handling requests (over RMI) from numerous other standalone java processes so its not a simple case of probing both the parent and child processes as its a very specific flow through the application that appears to have the problem. I know the calling process, where the business process call originates, but when I probe up and monitor all I see in Wily is this process (in this particular business process flow) hanging waiting until the child process returns which it does but only after a ridiculous amount of time. As mentioned, I have tried probing and monitoring both the parent and child but the child process serves many parent processes with lots of activity across it so its like hunting a needle in a needle stack, I need to know the specific call that is being handled so I can trace it to my calling process.

I am aware that via custom instrumentation (or decoration) that it is possible to embelish the RMI call and therefore trace the transaction across the RMI call so I am after active examples of how this can be implemented. Any / all assistance is greatly appreciated.