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MS Project doesn't open Clarity Projects

Question asked by hernanlo86 on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by another_martink
Hi guys,

We are using Clarity 12.1.0 and MSP 2007 and we are having problems when openning Clarity projects. Projects are not being loaded from Clarity neither from MSP (msp clarity integracion Menu - Open button), msp opens but doesn't bring any data! it remains blank. I tried exploring resources and it doesn't work either.
It doesn't happend with all users, just a couple, so we think it is a local problem from de user's pc, but the curious thing is that they were using the integration just fine 2 weeks back.
We have tried reinstalling the Msp integration but the result was the same!

Please if u all have any ideas, they will be appreciated! =)