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Urgent-I Need to restore a "truck load" Documents back into Clarity

Question asked by mscann on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by Chris_Hackett
Hey All,

What is the best way to upload multiple documents back into Clarity - after restoring the information back into the appropriate Database?

I copied the Fileshare folders to a storage location before Purging thousands of Documents. So both the Docs and the Index folder, before the purge, are in place. The job ended up Purging too many now I'll need to restore a certain amount of documents (over 40,000) back to Clarity immediately. (Too many to do manually). I started out looking at creating a Xog...but it's becoming too teidus/complicated because I only need to restore certain versions of the documents...and then keep the latest version as well. Builidng a XOG file can take days.....and I'm under a huge time constraint to get this accomplished by COB tommorow!

So....I'm now looking at the approach of restoring the needed Documents back from the storage location - to the regular Fileshare and/or restoring just the associated tables with my back-up copy of the schema that I kept. I have the full "back-up" schema residing in my lower environment and I can change it to point to the Old schema from the UI - and also point the Document and Search to point to the Storage location. I'm able to retrieve files like this.....but this is over 40,000 that I need to retrieve now. So, I'm now looking to maybe copy from the Old Schema Tables (just the ones that were updated with the Purge) and update the newly Purged production Niku schema tables with this information. can I get the physical documents uploaded after these steps? usual for any suggestions and input!!!