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Wily EM 9.1.1 Installation with Postgresql 8.4 Issue on Win2003 Server

Question asked by Jkatts on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2012 by Jkatts
I have 2 instances of Wily EM (9.0.0) using Postgresql8.3 and Wily EM using PostgreSql 8.4 on the same Windows 2003 Server. [ Pls. don't ask me why :bored:!]

The req. is that I install Wily EM 9.1.1 on the same machine that uses Postgresql8.4 for EM version.

However, three is a conflict since, EM version 9.1.1 uses the same version of PostgreSql 8.4 and i just have 2 options with the installer i.e.. to either upgrade the db or unistall the existing postgresql8.4 version to install 9.1 E.M.[ It get's weird, i don't know the admin password since the previous guy forgot it].

How can i install 9.1.1 with postgresql 8.4 if i don't have the postgresql admin password?

After unistalling the existing postgresql8.4 that my 9.0.6 version uses, i can start the 9.1 EM. However, 9.0.6 users can't connect to the EM..nothing beyond 'authenticated' on the Worstation. I'm not sure what i'm missing (since the logs tell me a certain workstation has connected with node,address,socket etc.]

Any options/help is super appreciated. I hope the post is clear enough. Please let me know if you need additional info.

I'm just stuck at uninstalling the 9.0.6 version and doing a clean install [ already backed up the smartstor data , /data and /database under the EM_HOME in Windows Prog. files..]..