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Assign Resources to Milestones

Question asked by CindyK on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by CindyK
We have a business need to add a resource to a milestone. This will enable the team to know who is is the owner of that milestone. We do not plan to have this resource enter time against the milestone - just the owner. In Clarity you can not assign resources to milestones. In MSP you can assign a resource to a milestone and I did notice that when the schedule was saved to Clarity this resource was saved as well.

If you have had similar requirements, how did you implement this type of request?

If we use MSP to assign the resource, is there a downside?

We are going to be moving toward Open Workbench - does this same type of functionality exists in this tool (ability to assign a resource to a milestone)?

Would adding a new field on the task object be a better solution?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.