IDMSDC and IDMSCV exclusive ENQUEUEs - z/OS

Discussion created by JBM1 on Oct 24, 2012
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Would like a confirmation from CA inc. on the exact purpose of these ENQUEUEs on z/OS 1.11 and higher [not sure how long they have been around].

Major Minor Job Name
│ IDMSCV │ 091 '40F0F9F1'X │ IDMSDC91 │
│ IDMSDC │ 0091 'F0F0F9F1'X │ IDMSDC91│

If a SYSCTL batch job is running, there is an rname [minor] that begins with BATC under the qname IDMSCV. What I need confirmation on is:

If I issue an ENQ with a RET=TEST against either of these qname/rname pairs, and get an RC=4 ["resource in use"], is this a 100% certain method of determining if a given CV [whose number is the minor rname] is up and running?

Sure seems like it would be.