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Ideas on how to delete or flag approved budget plans?

Question asked by BradGibson on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by sundar

I have been asked by management to remove some old budget plans that are "mistakes" and were accidentally approved.

I have a portlet that shows the progression of the budget over time... querying into the FIN_PLANS table.
Currently I show the total amount for "plan of record" budget plan, and then I show all previous "Approved" budget plans.
There have been complaints that the portlet shows budgets that were "approved" but which were mistakes and should not have been approved.
I need to delete those records from the database, OR flag them in some fashion so that I can filter them out in my query.

The UI doesn't provide a way to edit/delete them.

Any ideas?

Your help would be most appreciated! Thank you in advance!