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Password Change using RHDCSNON not updating "Date Last Updated"

Question asked by archconsbill on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by archconsbill
Hello Everyone:

I have a client that has been using RHDCSNON to change passwords for years, for example they issue "S USERID OLDPASSWORD NEWPASSWORD" they get a prompt to confirm the new password and then they get a message that the password has been changed.

They use INTERNAL security to maintain IDMS. What they asked me today was is there a way to tell when the password was last changed, I said yes and I used OCF and changed my password and the date last updated was updated fine.

However, when I use their method using the signon task code S USERID OLDPASS NEWPASS the date last updated is NOT updated.

I realize that many of you use external security packages to control sign on, this client does not and still uses internal security. This method uses the RHDCSNON program which uses the #SECSGON macro with oldpass and newpass however the date last updated is not getting updated by their password change.

Anybody else experienced this and/or resolved this?

Bill Allen
ARCH Consulting Associates, LTD.
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