CA DataMinder Tuesday Tip: iConsole Review Queue.

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Introduction to the CA (DLP) DataMinder iConsole Review Queue published by Andrew Devine, Snr. Support Engineer on 13 November 2012.

CA (DLP) DataMinder r14.1 includes an iConsole Review Queue (RQ) feature compatible with Oracle and SQL Server CMS databases, which enables reviewers to generate lists of events that they need to review or audit.

The iConsole Standard Searches are designed to show instances of events within a reviewers management group structure, however where there are high volumes of particular triggered events the review process can lean towards one particular trigger type. The Advanced Review Queue enables administrators to prepopulate a review queue of triggered events sampling from pools of different violation types to give a more even spread of events for review.

The DataMinder RQ implementation includes various reports that provide administrators with technical information about RQ database searches. These can also be useful for troubleshooting RQ issues.

Reviewer Search
Retrieves events in a user's personal review queue. These are events waiting to be reviewed.

Admin Reports
These include the following reports:

Review Queue Configuration
Shows the event selection rules for your management groups when a review queue job runs.

Review Queue Diagnostics
Provides details about the most recent review queue run. For each step, it shows the execution time, the actual query statement and the status.

Review Queue History
Shows summary details for previous database review queue runs, including run times, status and event counts.

Note: The Review Queue is not designed for use with Policy security models.

For more information on this topic please refer to the CA (DLP) DataMinder r14.1 iConsole Review Queue Configuration Guide (DLP_iConsole_RQ_ENU.pdf) which is available to download from theCA DataMinder 14.1 Bookshelf.