History of IUA - Approaching 40 years

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Going through some old e-mails I came across this thread which was discussing whether it was the[b] IUA's 35th birthday in February 2009:

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the IUA may have been incorporated in 1981 - but the first meeting (pre-incorporation?) (I thought) was in Avon Lake in 1974 ?????

Chris Hoelscher

[color=#c60236]You're probably right. I didn't get involved with IDMS until '76 and my first IUA conference was in Williamsburg in '78 (I think).

Bob Wiklund[color]

[color=#2302c6]Yes, The first meeting of the IUA was in Avon Lake Ohio in February at a motel across the street from a bowling alley. Strolling on the beach of Lake Erie in February is not the same as walking the strip in Las Vegas but that's where it started.

If I remember correctly there were 7 IDMS users at the time, Larry Towner (RCA Cherry Hill, NJ) was a featured speaker, and the location was chosen because of it's proximity to the Akron office of Goodrich where IDMS was developed (Jim Gilliam and other members of the development team were in attendance).

John Wheeler

PS A good site for checking the history of IDMS is[color]

Gary adds - but a better site now for the History of IDMS is right here at the official home of the IUA/EIUA

Cheers - Gary