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Administration UI 12.0 SP3 Warning & License

Question asked by florianc on Nov 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by florianc
Dear Gentlemen,

I have a SiteMinder r12.0 SP3 environnement on Windows.

The installation of the administrative UI has been performed with no errors on log or elsewhere.

When I get connected on the Administration UI 12.0 SP3, I have no error (on Policy Server, or on the Jboss logs of the administrative UI).

But when I am logged in, I am able to browse all the tabs but cannot display the content of the tabs a Warning is displayed permanently saying "This is an evaluation copy of SiteMinder. In order to obtain a full licence ..."

Do you think it's normal? Is it a licence issue and it will be resolved by enter a valid license?


Florian Cherrière