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Migration between instances

Question asked by riteshkumar on Nov 29, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by philip_smythe

What is the best way to migrate data from one instance to other?

Let me explain our situation,

One instance has lot of data (DB: Oracle) and we need to migrate it to another (DB: MsSql)
To give an example of lot of data, the project object xogged file will be more than 20 MB. It takes times to xog out and xog in.

The instance which has data is a customized one. Hence, we planned to migrate the customizations first and then instance data.

We thought of some gel scripts which will xog out the data from one instance and xog in the data to another instance. We would like to know If this an optimized way to do this..

If no, please suggest any other better options.

Basically, such migrations might happen a lot of times. Hence, we need to know optimized way (less time/effort) to do this.