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Project End Dates created through template

Question asked by Pankaj_Navlekar on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2013 by navzjoshi00

We are using a template to create our projects. When we click New From Template the Project's create screen comes up and Start and End date of the project default to Today's Date.

Now when we change the end date to something else, and Save, and then go to another Sub-page in the Edit mode which has the Start and End Date we see that Clarity has pushed the End date exactly by a Year. This is NOT HAPPENING with every other template that we have but surely with this one.

These are the steps to replicate the issue:

1. Go to Projects Link-->New From template. Select the Template
2. Enter mandatory details. Let start date be today (say 1-Dec-2012); and let end date be like 4 months from now. (1-Apr-2013)
3. Hit Save.
4. Project gets created. Now, while you are in the Edit mode, go to the 'Schedule' sub-page (which has the Project start and end date configured).
5. We observe that the Start date is preserved but end date becomes 1-Dec-2013.