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WebSphere Metrics Disappear in Workstation

Question asked by JKW on Dec 3, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by JKW
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem before.

Running Introscope and monitoring WebSphere 7

Very Intermittently, the metrics from WebSphere agents do not appear in the Workstation Investigator Tab. You can see the agent, expand all the selections, but when you pick one of the selections, the data does not appear in the view tab. A couple of examples, click on the "Launch Time" and the view tab says "no data", Click on a graph, and no data appears in the graph.

I placed the Enterprise Manager (MoM) and the EM Collector in debug mode for the logs. You can see the queries go through from the MoM to the Collector, all with correct response times. No errors are shown either in the MoM or Collector. The logs state that the query was received and responded to in milliseconds. Doing a comparison with another agent that is receiving data and looking at the logs shows the same responses.

In order to resolve, a restart of the MoM resolves the problem, at least until the metrics stop showing again. Changing the time period in the workstation also shows no metrics. Restart the MoM and all is well. I have not isolate the problem to a time period for occurances. For example, daily, weekly, etc.... I have had no problems for a week, and then will notice that one of the agents isn't seeing metrics. Likewise, I have restared the MoM and Collectors and the next day notice I am not receiving any metrics.

We are currently utilizing and this is a clean install.