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Actuals for completed projects

Question asked by venkitta.subramanian on Dec 7, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2012 by navzjoshi00
Clarity 12.1.1

I was wondering, Is there any reason, why the actuals are not showing up for inactive projects?

Here is the scenario:

Project Start Date: 2/1/12
Project Finish Date: 10/31/12
Progress: Completed
Flag: Inactive

I tried to see the actuals posted by month for all resources worked on project. I clicked on the team>Detail tab but can't find the actuals for any of the resources. I changed the timescale Month starting 2/1/12 for 12 months

Am I missing something or it is what it is and the Clarity is working as expected?

Note; I can see the actuals by month in OWB but NOT in Clarity portlet