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Multiple Object Clarity Process

Question asked by juan.segovia on Dec 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2012 by Thilak.Kesavan
HI, I'm trying to create a process in Clarity v13 that will involve two unrelated objects. I have the standard Project objet in one side and a custom object on the other.

Checking the forums and web i found this link:


With the following info:

Processes can span multiple objects. Instead of creating two or more separate processes, it might be more efficient to create one multi-object process. A multi-object process will involve multiple objects (ex: Ideas and Projects) allowing users to configure conditions and action items with information from the objects involved in the process. Users can configure links between objects via lookups and the process engine will recognize those links when creating a multi-object process.

I was wondering if anyone tried this before and can provide any assitance on this matter.

Can I do this with two objets not related or I should have a master sub object relation?

If so, Can anyone give me a hand or example on how can I link thos two on a lookup like this text explains i should?

Any input will be highly appreciated.