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History data in NBI_PRT_FACTS table

Question asked by suman_guria on Dec 28, 2012

We tried to build a Oracle query to get the ETC & Actual times for each months against each project/task/resources.
We have referred the table NBI_PRT_FACTS table for the ETC/Actual figures.

But when we compared the data extracted from the query with the Open workbench data, we found some mismatch in the ETC figures for the past months, specially for the tasks where it is assigned to some ROLES (not any particular user).

When I checked the NBI_PRT_FACTS table, I saw that for some past months (last but one month) the task id has become -1. And for the previous months the entries in this table has got deleted i.e. there is no entry in the table for the fact dates before two three months.

However, there is no problem with the actual figures, so all the records are there if there is actual value in the rows.

Is there any in-built procedure in Clarity, which keeps on updating this table?
If we need to get the ETC figures for the past months which table should we refer to get the correct data?

Can any one please help us?