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Where can I find FULL documentation on ALL Bus Obj security groups?

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
I am looking for documentation on the description of all the security groups I see in Bus Objects. The BO documentation I have only lists three and one is the Admin. I

In summary, I am really looking for the best security group to allow a user to

1. Create Webi reports
2. Edit only their own (full edit access)
3. It's ok if the add/edit objects that they create in Webi, but not allow any editing of Universe data created.
4. view other reports in webi
5. No access to doing anything with any other user's access as some of the groups note it can do

I tried using CA Reports Author, but the user saved a copy of a report I created (I am admin) as their own, but they could not select "Edit Query "even though Webi shows them as the owner.

I appreciate any help.


Clarity 12.1

UPDATE 1/3- I was able to figure out at least a "fix". I manually added the security right to Edit Query under a particular folder for the CA Reports Author security group. That, at least, served the immeiate need, but it woul be great to see full documentation covering all OOB security groups other than the high level descriptions in the BO documentation.