[V13] Action menu in Gantt view

Discussion created by ispa-consulting on Jan 4, 2013
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Hello and happy new year 2013.

I have a question around the action menu in the gantt view :

1. when you are in the project property page for a project, you can access to the gantt view thru the Open in scheduler, clarity Gantt. A new page is opened. There is no action menu on the right top

2. I have created a portlet which list projects. The portlet is based on a query and a link has been created : name 'Goto Gantt', action 'Gantt', Object ID 'id'. A virtual field have been created in the portlet and have been associated to the link 'Goto Gantt' and open as a popup. When you are in the portlet and click on the virtual field, the Gantt view is opened but now, there is an action menu on the right top : New Task from Gantt,Go to Links Page,Go to Notes page,New Manual Plan,New Risk,New Change Reques,tNew Benefit Plan,New Issue

So I do not understand why the Action menu in the Gantt view is not the same in the 2 cases.

Does somebody know how to have the same action menu in the 2 cases ?