Favorite Sessions in Your CA World Session Builder 

Video created by Rachel Macik Employee on Oct 25, 2016

    Quick video on how to find and favorite caworld2016 sessions from caworld.com. With emphasis of course on how to save MY CA World Session with ColleenBarker. We're onboarding new folks and taking OG users through the newest in CA Support Resources.  


    Meet the rest of the Customer Success and Support team at CA World: Let's Meet at CA World! Repping Support, Communities, Customer Care & Customer Success 


    What are Rachel and Colleen presenting at the show? On-boarding Session at CA World 


    Footnote: The video was produced in one take, with the lighting from my trash can side of my house, while holding a laptop. This - coming from a girl who usually re-records her voice mail greeting about a hundred times before I'm ok with it. And then I still hate it. Enjoy!  Don't let perfection be the enemy of progress -  J.J.Lovett