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Hi  I notice that on many PC'S I cant install  Delta Office Patch v1706.00 (Office 2010 and 2013) " MS_DeltaRollup directory created Determining Operating System Architecture ... Operating System Architecture : x64 Determining Operating System Name ... OS Name is Windows 7 Professional Determining Operating System Language ...

Hi , I am facing below issue.   scenario :  i) Login to classical CA PPM ii) Open new UI link in different tab (same browser) ii) click on the classical CA PPM tab and navigate to different page.   Note: User has Classic PPM - Navigate access rights   Expected : Navigate to the destination page  actual :
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Hi Meanwhile we found out that there is a connection problem between the NES nodes. It complains about bad certificates. All keystore and truststore checks with given passwords are correct. The communication worked in 6.1 but now it blocks. We built a small test case that defines a small deployment process which has more than one server types