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Hello,   I am getting this pop up error message when I try to run a query in the excel add-in. Can someone help please?     Regards, Niveditha

Is possible on the close activity send the resolved comment. For example, my customer resolve the ticket and notify to the end user, then after 3 days the the auto close activity close the ticket and send an email to the end user whit the link to survey, my customer want see on the notificattion the description and the analist's comment who
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I've searched but cannot find any way to do this, so am submitting this for an enhancement.   The new Collections page is great!  I use it all the time, well, I would like to use it all the time but the thing that limits me the most is the fact that most of the time I have to re-align the columns so that I can actually read the text in
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CA Clarity PPM Webcasts Get the latest product news with monthly webcasts from our PPM experts.   NPD for Software December 20, 2018 From concept to cash, it’s not easy to keep your eyes on the prize through the whole product development cycle. Biggest problem with NPD for software is that some data sits in the PPM app, some in