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Hi,   I'm trying to implement url_response via MCS profiles, but I'm missing the virtual host field in the profile. This prevents me from using the profile. I would like to emphasize that I believe MCS is crucial part of the deployment, and every probe deployed manually is very difficult to maintenance so I'm doing all I can to avid such

Keri Taylor
Since the topic is marked as resolved... i still need some more help please the original topic can be found HERE. bsically, i have tried both suggestions and still i am seeing the > New Users Password will be Defaulted to Value niku2000 line after XOG'ing in. I am using the XLM Open gateway and not the xog.client within Clarity.
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Hi All We are facing a strange issue on one of the new VM allocated for PROD usage. The clarity installation was successful, all niku services up and running including NSA which is accessible. But while trying to access the application physical link (https://<servername>/niku/app), it throws login failure error. This happens for the admin