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Announcement 1 Outage Scheduled for Wednesday 5/31/17 at 9PM EST
Announcement:Outage Scheduled for Wednesday 5/31/17 at 9PM EST

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Prashank Singh
CA PPM Lookups are powerful and widely used while achieving customization from getting dynamic values based on user login to parameter mapping or cascaded value into different lookup etc. Today we are going to learn how to leverage Lookups power to render Html into CA PPM pages to achieve some fancy stuffs.   Before we go into code, here

Hello,   I'm trying to adjust a posted timesheet but getting the error message below : <Description>XOG-2028: Cannot create new time sheet because one already exists for resource: alida in timeperiod : 2017-05-08T00:00:00</Description>   In my XOG I have the below tag : <TimeSheet ID ="-1"
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So, I'm trying to create a sample script using JS.   It fails with bad request 400. I think it has to do with how I'm call SEND() request. xhr.send(JSON.stringify(myProjects));   If I use REST API documentation url and try to execution action for multiple project it works.    Now I do not know if I need to send only 1