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Hi,   I have a requirement to create https virtual service. When client calls the service, its expecting to call https and not http .So I need to create a virtual service which should have service url of https.   I understand the live invocation step having server side SSL to call live https service but not sure how to create https

My requirement is to add a link for NUX timesheet to Main Menu bar in classic view of CA PPM v 15.3/15.5 as we have a link for current timesheet on right corner of menu bar.   Please let me know if anybody has a solution to implement this?   Thanks
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Hi all,   This question may be more suited to the CA PM community, but I guess I'll try here first as the issue is with Spectrum.   As part of the Spectrum Integration with CAPC, a CAPCIPDomain Global Collection was created on Spectrum. To control what items are synchronized to CAPC, I have tried to add Search Options to the